Both my grandmothers were passionate craftswomen. I can’t remember exactly when as a child they taught me, but knitting and crochet have always been there as part of my life and they are activities I still love doing.

I am a professional musician performing and touring in UK, Europe and elsewhere. I have been teaching music for over 30 years. Teaching crafts shares similar disciplines – the need to learn and understand basic techniques in order to develop new skills and improve. Teaching at all levels can be challenging and fun but one of the most rewarding aspects is helping someone to begin this journey by exploring a new skill and seeing where it leads to.

When designing new projects I am inspired by my beautiful Hampshire surroundings and love to explore and combine colours and textures in my work. By looking at different techniques to teach I try to create projects which not only develop new skills but are a pleasure to make.

When I moved with my family to Winchester 12 years ago, I set up Made in Winchester to share my love of creating, using my own designs and custom-made kits to teach project-based workshops.

With Made in Winchester I offer small classes at all levels and abilities in a friendly setting. To have time for oneself, to meet like-minded people, to develop your potential to make something beautiful…..