Pattern Prep

Date(s) - 22/01/2024
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Category: Knitting for Improvers


There are so many wonderful patterns to knit. However, if you have not knitted a garment before, choosing the right yarn and correct needles in order to end up with a garment that fits and one you’ll love, can be tricky.

In this workshop, I will be looking at the key areas for preparing for a pattern, before you cast on.

Yarn Suggestions and Substitutions

Many designers will give yarn suggestions for their patterns. These will obviously work well, but can be expensive options and may be tricky to source. Allergies to specific fibres, such as alpaca, can be off-putting but does not mean you can not knit the desired pattern. Instead, yarn alternatives and substitutions can be used.

In the Match KAL coming up, I have shown how 3 different yarns create 3 very different cardigans and budgets.

In the workshop we will look at how to choose substitute yarn and calculate the amount you will need to buy.


In many garment patterns, the designer will recommend sizing to best reflect how they want the jumper to fit. You will see the term knitted with ‘positive or negative ease’ . Simply put, ease is the difference between the size of your finished knit and the size of your body. Therefore, if the garment is bigger than you it has positive ease and if it is smaller than you, it has negative ease.

Swatching and gauge (tension)

It is always tempting to skip this step and cast on, but by spending a bit of time and effort ‘swatching’ will prevent disappointment later on. I promise!

Knitting a tension or gauge swatch is important, so that your finished garment will be the size and measurements you are expecting.

No two knitters are alike and we all have our own tension. Once you have achieved the correct tension you will know which combination of needle sizes will work best and be ready to begin your project.

The class sizes are small (maximum 5 people) and fill up quickly!
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