Sweet Hearts

A simple pattern for making these tiny sweet hearts

What you need

  • Oddments of fine red cotton yarn
  • crochet hook


Ch: chain   sl st: Slip Stitch    dtr: double crochet    tr: treble crochet

What to do

Ch 4, join with a sl st to form a ring.

Round 1: Ch3, work 3dtr into ring, 3tr into ring, 1dtr into ring, 3tr into ring, 3dtr into ring, Ch3 and sl st into ring.

Fasten off. Gentle pull tail end tight through centre ring to define heart shape and either darn in to reverse side of heart or make into a loop for hanging.











Dusky Rose

Materials you need:

Small amount of yarn of your choice, Crochet hook, darning, brooch pin.


ch  chain  st  stitch  sl st  slip stitch  dc  double crochet  tr  treble crochet  htr half treble crochet

To make rose  :

Foundation Row: Make 26 chain

Row 1: 1 dc into 2ndch from hook, 1 dc into each of remaining ch to end, turn. 25 sts.

Row 2: Work 5tr into 2nd ch from hook, sl st into nest st, *5tr into next st, sl st in to next st; rep from* 4 more time (5 large petals made).

Next *5 htr into next st, sl st into next st; rep from * 3 more times (4 medium petals made). Next *5 dc into next st, sl st into next st; rep from* 2 more times (3 small petals made.

You will now have made a long, curly chain with a total of 12 petals (5 large, 4 medium and 3 small petals). Fasten off leaving approx. 20 cms length of yarn for sewing up.

Making up:

Darn in the short tail end from the beginning of the foundation row (where you made the slip knot). Next take the long thread at the other end of the chain and start tightly curling the small petals in a spiral. Working on the wrong side of your flower, continue to curl up the petals stitching as you go. Sew, using small neat stitches into the foundation row until each petal is sewn and fixed securely in place. Fasten off.












Material you need: 
Small amount of cotton yarn
Crochet hook size 3.5
Darning needle
Spray starch (optional)

• ch chain
• sts stitches
• sl st slip stitch
• dc double crochet
• tr treble crochet

What to do: 

Base ring: Make 6 ch and join with sl st into 1 ch to form a ring.
Round 1: Ch3 (counts as 1tr), 18tr into ring. Sl st into 3rd of ch-3 to finish the round.
Round 2: 1 dc, 3 ch, 1 dc, 5 ch, 1 dc, 3 ch, 1 dc, all into the same stitch as sl st from previous round. Work 1 dc into the next 2 sts. *1 dc, 3 ch, 1 dc, 5 ch, 1 dc, 3 ch, 1 dc, all into the next stitch. Work 1 dc into the next 2 sts* Repeat from * to * 4 times more to make 6 snowflake points in total. To complete round, sl st into the 1st dc that you made at beginning of round.

Either fasten off, or ch 15 and join with a sl st into the same st to form a hanging loop.
Weave in loose ends.


Block snowflake by spraying lightly with water or starch. Pin out each point to define the shape and leave to dry.



What some of you have Made in Winchester….


Sunburstgranny1“Sunburst” Granny Square

When the Winter season encourages us to snuggle up and stay in doors, it’s a perfect time to make something bright and colourful. This Sunburst Granny Square cushion certainly cheers up any cold, grey winter day!

As with the Nordic Pattern cushion below, I have used Debbie Bliss DK yarn in a combination of  bright, cheerful shades. I found the free pattern on Ravelry which offers hundreds of knitting and crochet patterns and ideas for all levels and abilities.

For the reverse of the cushion I made a single Sunburst square and just kept increasing the outer square until it was the same size as the front. Finally to join, with wrong-sides pinned together, I crocheted a simple border of 1dc, 1ch all the way around the edge. Sunburstreverse






Nordic Granny Square 

I found this beautiful pattern for a floral-style Granny Square on Pinterest recently (always full of wonderful inspiration)

Having modified and deciphered a rather tricky pattern, I think the result is so pretty and delicate.



I made this cushion for my Mum’s 80th birthday. I chose for her gentle shades of pale pink, duck-egg blue and putty using Debbie Bliss DK cotton.