Step 2: Diagonal Trellis Square

What you need

  • Aran weight yarn, e.g Drops Big Merino
  • Size 5mm knitting needles
  • Darning needle


k                      knit

p                      purl

RS                  right side

WS                  wrong side

sts                   stitches

yrn                  yarn round needle

p3tog              purl 3 sts together

What to do

Make 4 squares (size approx. 12.5cms x 12.5cms each square)

N.B with this pattern the odd numbered rows are right-side facing (RS).

The right side (RS) facing is always having the “tail” on the left-hand of your work.

Border ~

Cast on 23 sts

Rows 1-4 Knit (garter st).

Diagonal Trellis pattern ~

Row 5 (RS) Knit.

Row 6 (WS) K4, *(p3tog, yrn, p3tog) into the same 3 stitches, k1; repeat from * three more times, k3.

N.B see instructions How to work below

Row 7 (RS) Knit.

Row 8 (WS) K4, p1, k1 *(p3tog, yrn, p3tog) into the same 3 stitches, k1; repeat from * twice more, p1, k4.

Repeat Rows 5-8 five more times.

Border ~

Row 29 (RS) Knit.

Rows 30 – 33 Knit (garter st).

Rows 34 (WS) Cast off.

How to work (p3tog, yrn, p3tog) into the same 3 stitches

This stitch combination has 3 parts;

  1. Insert tip of right needle into next 3 stitches purlwise. Purl together as one stitch but do not lift off left needle.
  2. Work a yrn (yarn round needle)
  3. Insert the right needle into the same 3 sts again. Purl the sts together and complete the stitch, passing it from the left to the right needle.