Step 3: Honeycomb Square


What you need

  • Aran weight yarn, e.g Drops Big Merino
  • Size 5mm knitting needles
  • Darning needle


K, k       knit

p            purl

sts          stitches

sl            slip stitch

rep         repeat

RS          right side

WS         wrong side

wyif        with yarn in front

k1uls      knit 1 under loose strands ~

insert right needle under the two loose strands, then knit the next stitch on the left needle, bringing the new stitch behind the loose strands.

What to do

Make 1 square (size approx. 12.5cms x 12.5 cms sq)

N.B with this pattern the even numbered rows are wrong-side facing (WS) and the odd numbered rows are right-side facing (RS)

The right side facing (RS) is always having the “tail” on the left-hand of your work.


Cast on 23 sts

Rows 1-4  Knit every st (garter st).

Honeycomb pattern

Row 5 (RS)  K4, *wyif sl 3 purlwise, k1; rep from * three more times, k3.

(4 loops made)

Row 6 (WS)  K3, p17, k3.

Row 7  Same as row 5.

Row 8  Same as row 6.

Row 9  K5, *k1uls, k3; rep from * three more times, k2.

Row 10  Same as row 6.

Row 11  K3, wyif sl 2 purlwise, k1, *wyif sl 3 purlwise, k1; rep from * twice more, wyif sl2 purlwise, k3. (5 loops made)

Row 12  Same as row 6.

Row 13  Same as row 11.

Row 14  Same as row 6.

Row 15  K3, *k1uls, k3; rep from * four more times to the end of the row.

Row 16  Same as row 6.

Repeat Rows 5-16 once more, then Rows 5- 10 again.


Row 35 (RS)  Knit.

Rows 36-39  Knit (garter st).

Row 40 (WS)  Cast off.

Finishing Tips & Techniques

Once you have completed all nine squares,  it is now worth spending some time on a few simple finishing techniques for completing your cushion cover.

Blocking and Darning in ends ~

Blocking can transform your work. It is a process of either steaming or wetting your knitted project so you are able to set the finished size and even out the stitches.

This project has involved many different stitch combinations for textural effect, so it is important to use wet blocking so that we do not flatten any of the stitches in the pattern.

Blocking your finished squares will help to shape your squares and make it easier for sewing them together.

For blocking use Wet spray Blocking by

  • Laying your squares on a blocking mat or towel.
  • Pin to size and shape.
  • Gently spritz with water and gently ease the fabric out with your hands.
  • Allow to dry

Now that you squares are neat and regular you can darn in your loose ends ready to sew together.

Step 4: Making Up 

  • how to lay out your squares,
  • sewing your squares together
  • final blocking
  • sewing your knitted piece to your backing fabric to complete.